Crafting Nature's Embrace: Baaya's Bespoke Wall Murals at ONA Farmstay

Crafting Nature's Embrace: Baaya's Bespoke Wall Murals at ONA Farmstay

At Baaya, we thrive on creating, curating, and customizing spaces that resonate with nature's essence. Our recent residential project was a testament to Baaya's commitment to crafting spaces that tell a story, curating art that speaks to the soul, and customizing every detail to create an environment that reflects and enriches the lives of its occupants. It's a celebration of the beauty of nature and the artistry of tribal traditions, and we are thrilled to share this remarkable journey with you.

The Vision: The heart of this project was to bring the outdoors inside, to create a living space that effortlessly harmonized with the natural world. The abundance of trees and elements of nature surrounding the house became our inspiration. We aimed to capture this essence and infuse it into every corner of the home.

Customization at its Finest:  To achieve this vision, we turned to the rich and  art forms of Warli and Gond. These tribal art traditions are deeply connected to nature, making them ideal for our project.


Each wall mural was meticulously customized to align with the theme of the room. The Aakash Chamber, for instance, was transformed into a skyward sanctuary with birds, sun, and sky. The Jal Chamber came alive with vibrant fish, reminding us of the joys of water. The Prithvi Chamber rooted us firmly to the Earth with the Tree of Life, a symbol repeated throughout the living spaces. To create these stunning murals, we collaborated with some of our most talented artists, who, with each mural, ensured that the tribal connection with nature resonated authentically while transforming the spaces into works of art.


Unique Flourishes: In addition to the wall murals, we added unique flourishes that further enhanced the sense of being one with nature. Our bespoke furniture, furnishings, accessories, and lighting were carefully chosen to complement the themes of each chamber, creating an uninterrupted flow of natural beauty. The result was a seamless connection with nature that permeated every room. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors blurred, allowing inhabitants to bask in the beauty of the elements within the comfort of their own homes.


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