Industrial Bearing Distributor

Industrial Bearing Distributor

They were looking for creative ways to communicate their brand values while enhancing the aesthetics of their workspace.

After understanding their brief, Studio Baaya created a series of bespoke installations that worked in complete synchronization with the objectives given.

We created standard installations that can be replicated across their offices.

One was a fabric wrapped mural artwork in their lobby area, which reflects the successful history of the company.

The second was an installation of the world map made by laser cutting fibreboard and with Copper leafing on the surface.

The third wall mural on the outer wall of the reception depicted the interconnectedness of the company with its values- with rotating 3D gears symbolizing each of its principles.

A serene lotus pond was made for the MD's office with Copper enamel flowers and Brass petals.

Studio Baaya completed this project in a month's time, right from inception to execution.