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Communicating core values through art for corporate spaces

Communicating core values through art for corporate spaces
Wouldn’t it be great if your offices reflected your core values creatively through workspace art & decor? Showcasing your brand values within your workspace is an excellent way to educate your clientele & your staff and in turn, make them your brand ambassadors. Baaya Design has been at the forefront in terms of designing such ‘art for corporate spaces’ that do much more than add aesthetic value to a space. (pic. Bombay House JRD Tata) In this artwork we used more than 40,000 screws to create a portrait of JRD Tata the visionary founder of the Tata Group.

Baaya Design has worked in branding spaces with artistic representations of corporate logos, identity & other brand assets. Baaya Design has created unique patterns & motifs inspired by client logos and then depicted these in an abstract manner. Some of these pieces work as walls of engagement allowing teams to record aspirations or track milestones. Seen in this artwork is an abstract representation of the Tata motors logo depicted using pieces of copper jaali on a wooden board superimposed with a grid of nails to allow for the hanging of various diamond-shaped milestones. (pic.Tata Motors jaali abstract artwork)

Communicating core values along with the use of diverse materials is what makes Baaya Design so unique in the art for corporate spaces sector. Clients have at times requested us to upcycle materials that they produce and have these seamlessly integrated into their artworks. As seen in this artwork, Baaya Design used a mix of different sheet metals produced by Tata Steel to craft this installation depicting Jamshedpur’s city skyline as well as the Tata Steel plant. (pic. Bombay House Tata Steel)

Some corporates prefer we use recycled material (for example strips of fabric) that convey more than just the values of the corporates but enlighten their employees on sustainability and various issues that affect the environment to create their art for corporate spaces. (pic. Premier bearing showpiece artwork). Baaya Design used leftover fabrics to wrap the different circles of the wheel depicting the values & timeline of this corporate.

Different areas call for different art for corporate spaces. The idea is not to go overkill with high impact artworks but mixing the environment with both high impact as well as subtle artworks that could be nature inspired and work to enhance the beauty of the space itself. (pic. Axis Terracotta)

Conference rooms, where important meetings take place are ideal spaces for high value artworks, as these artforms convey power & stability of the corporate, even in times of volatility. Such artworks should leave the visitors in awe and create high recall for the corporate entity, be it their clients or vendors. (pic. Thangka of Axis / pic. Warli of HDFC)

Common areas are more informal and relaxed spaces where the staff can de-stress & unwind from their hectic schedules. Ideally, the walls here should have some bright art for corporate spaces with themes that they can relate with. Seen here is a pen & ink mural printed on canvas for the Bombay House staff cafeteria.

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