Boutique Hotel, Goa

This luxury hotel and resort in Goa sets itself apart with stylized elements by Baaya Design. Azulejos, the tin-glazed ceramicware of colonial Goa was used as a design direction. To that end, Baaya conceptualized and executed designs for all the major walls, lobbies, and restaurants. For the Lobby area, we installed a canvas painting depicting the vibrant shacks & villas of Goa in the illustrative style of Mario Miranda. For the spa, handcrafted copper enamel plates from our Ocean Pearl range represent the depths and textures of the aquatic realm.

Printed ceramic tiles in the banquet area bring in the traditional motifs associated with the bygone days of 'Azulejos'. The stairwell mural bursts with free-flowing energy. Meanwhile, a major wall of the restaurant has been covered with ceramic tiles that each draw up an interpretation of coastal and sea life in Goa. The overall theme is one of vibrant joy, lending the spirit of the sunshine state to anyone who visits.