Baaya Design is committed to empowering and supporting the talented artisans of India while preserving our rich repository of heritage skills. We work with authentic grassroot artisans and producer groups to curate a diverse and premium range of décor products and bespoke solutions.

Our collection showcases a wide array of cultural art sourced and customized for interiors, like Copper enamel work from Maharashtra, Lippankam surfaces from Kutch, Thikri mirror work from Rajasthan, and Brass Metal cast work from Uttar Pradesh. With over 20 hand-painted art forms and a multitude of traditional and contemporary craft skills, Baaya proudly represents a vast repertoire of craftsmanship and art for interiors. At Baaya Design, we believe in the power of collaboration and the transformative impact it can have on communities. By celebrating and showcasing these exceptional skills, we strive to create a platform that not only supports artisans but also fosters a deeper appreciation for India's rich cultural heritage.

Throughout history, the craft industry has served as a means of generating livelihoods. In the past, artisans relied on the support of kings and royal families, often working alongside them in the same location. However, in modern times, there has been a geographical and cultural separation between craft producers, who reside in rural areas, and the patrons and buyers, who are predominantly located in urban centres. At Baaya, we strive to bridge this divide by connecting artisans with the evolving market demands, introducing them to new materials, and exploring alternative production methods. Our objective is to facilitate a seamless interface between artisans and contemporary needs, adding value to the process of bringing their artisanal products and services to the forefront. Through design innovation, we empower our artisans to adapt to the demands of today's time. By reimagining traditional crafts and infusing them with a modern touch, we ensure that their creations remain relevant and appealing to a wider audience.

We ensure fair income generation and sustainable livelihoods for our skilled artisans, at their place of habitation. Heritage crafts by its very nature are sustainable and fulfills many SDG goals- like preservation of culture , empowering women through income generation and preventing painful migration. We prioritize ethical sourcing and encourage environmentally conscious production methods.

By fostering collaboration and providing a platform for artisans to showcase their skills, Baaya aims to create a sustainable ecosystem that supports both the artisans and the discerning buyers seeking unique, culturally rich products. We believe that by embracing design innovation, we can bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary needs, ensuring the continued growth and success of the craft industry. 

By building a strong cultural connection between our buyers and the artisans, we aim to create a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind each piece. By doing so, we ensure that our creations not only bring joy to our customers but also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.