Interior Styling at Hyatt Regency Dehradun

Crafted for the Hyatt Regency in Dehradun, these touches of paradise delight every visitor. Various forms converge on this door to create a unique first impression. Brass beaten rings are inlaid into engraved, durable wood. The semi-rings are both an evocative, and soothing form. A fitting design for an entrance. The landscape for the hotel features many pine cones so we paid our homage in art. Inside the halls, the life-sized pinecone with careful detailing is crafted from natural teakwood. It’s this warm-toned accent that balances the urban home.

Finally, several artworks created and curated by Baaya for interior styling spin a riveting story across the rooms. One particular piece consists of saw cut barks of wood preserved in transparent resin. It is then composed into a wall mural with a striking wooden backing. With every distinct charming touch, this home is transformed.