Immersive brand experience for Premier bearings

We proposed artworks which communicated the vision of the founders as well as for general aesthetic enhancement of the spaces and hence we chose Metallic accents. Metallic accents serve up a look that express multiple moods. Along with elevated character, it offers an opportunity to play with texture, color, and shine – something few materials can promise you. For an industrial client with large offices, when we were asked to install multiple murals – we knew we wanted to lean on metallic elements to bring the best out of the space.

So, we created a series of bespoke installations that worked in complete synchronization with the objectives given. In a single month, we were able to bring to life a world map made by laser cutting fiberboard and with copper leafing on the surface, a mural with rotating 3D gears symbolizing each of its principles, and a serene lotus pond made for the MD's office with copper enamel flowers and Brass petals. It was our versatile vision married with the right artisanal materials that enabled this powerful exercise in large-scale creativity.