Innovation led design thinking elevates the understated luxury of the Bombay House

Innovation in workplace décor deserves a special mention. When we were called on to create Art for the Bombay House, we doubled down on innovation-first interactive elements. The artworks at Bombay House are a labor of love carefully conceptualized and developed by Baaya Design in collaboration with SNK Architects. Each floor has offices of the major companies that are part of this group, as well as that of the holding company.

The brief was were to highlight the special thinking of each of these companies. And so, each installation is an artistic interpretation of the company it represents and the floor it’s on. For example for the automotive company, an aspiration wall was created which showcased not only their global presence but also the aspirations of each employee which could be placed on the board with a jewel tag. We combined innovation with classic design palettes to create a mood of understated opulence.