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  /  GIFTING   /  7 Practical Unique Housewarming Gifts that Your Friends & Family Will Love

7 Practical Unique Housewarming Gifts that Your Friends & Family Will Love

Hanging Chevron Planters
Retro styled hanging chevron planters are unique housewarming gifts that you can opt for your near & dear ones all year long. The modern design with retro finish is edgy, stylish and exudes luxury. Ideal in its category of mid-priced items, this décor masterpiece won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.
Nature, direct or indirect has a general calming effect on us. And adding an element of green to your environment helps enliven your space with positive energy. In fact, there is a whole movement in spatial design called Biophilia, where at the forefront is the use of nature & greenery to help a person connect with his or her natural environment. Biophilic design is known to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing.
In general, planters are an ideal ergonomic fit for any kind of residential or office space and can easily raise the aesthetics of a space. They work best to nurture air-plants for your green corner such as the Tillandsia genus of plants, that need minimal fuss and just moderate sunlight.

Kalighat Paintings
Characterised by line drawings and bold strokes, Kalighat paintings originated in 19th century Kolkata, in the vicinity of the Kalighat temple. These traditionally depicted mythological stories, but over time, a variety of social themes, day-to-day events and popular sayings have come to be reflected too. At Baaya Design we explored a theme based on Animals in the Kalighat style and the results were beautiful. These paintings are colourful and are the most unique housewarming gifts that can be gifted to friends who are animal lovers or to decorate the kids’ room or add a splash of colour to any wall.

Chevron Wall Mirrors
These retro-looking Chevron wall mirrors can make unique housewarming gifts for friends & family. Mirrors are a great accent to use to help in extending the size of a space. Mirrors can be placed either in singular or in a composition as wall décor for any room. They help brighten up any space and add a sense of depth to it as well. The textured wood inlay creates a 3D illusion and works in any modern living space environment. Our recommendation would be to gift a set of 3 or 5 or 7 mirrors to create an impressive wall composition.

Burnt Wood Pickle container set
An essential item in almost every Indian household, pickles and mouth fresheners form an essential part of a culinary experience, and to help package this, we recommend a Burnt wood finish pickle container set of 3 boxes. Dyed using natural pigments, these lovely mini handis, carved on lathe find a pride of place on any dining table and help enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. Each handi comes with a tiny serving spoon as well. Great for serving pickles, oriental seasonings or mouth fresheners, this unique housewarming gift gets a thumbs up from us.

Thikri Centerpieces
The art of inlaying, hand-cut pieces of mirror on the ceiling and the walls to form a mosaic is known as ‘thikri’ or mirror inlay. It is an ancient art form practiced and passed down for generations in Rajasthan. This refined art is found in many homes, temples and palaces even today. Baaya’s modern take on this ancient art form took shape through a series of gorgeous centerpieces ranging from Bees to Doves. These centerpieces look fabulous and work as accents for walls, on coffee tables, shelves, and more. What makes them even more desirable as housewarming gifts is that they look so much more expensive than their listed price.

Hearty Mule Mug
A tribute to the classic Moscow Mule drink, this set of copper mugs are a very cool housewarming gift for close friends or family. In case you’re wondering a Moscow, mule is a cocktail made using vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a wedge of lime. The Moscow mule is traditionally served in a copper mug, which keeps the drink cool for longer. The Mule mug is also elegant in design and stands out from other types of mugs

Coasters are an important decor accessory especially when it comes to playing host to guests. At Baaya, we have 2 ranges of coasters, The Ocean Pearl range and the Tessella range of coasters. Both these sets of coasters are done using copper enameling which is an ancient art form mainly used in jewelry and decorative arts. It involves coloring the surface of beaten copper by fusing brilliant glass powder colors on to it. This Persian art form, brought to India almost 500 years ago, is a painstaking process and a true test of the dexterity of local craftsmen. Highly recommended as housewarming gifts owing to their functionality and pricing.

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