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Want a unique home? Shop artisan products online

Want a unique home? Shop artisan products online
Most people today would rather make their homes look “trendy” than let the space be a reflection of themselves. A home that is personalized tells a unique story. Indian artisan products, because of their versatility, can share compelling narratives about individuals, places, cultures, sensibilities and histories, all within the home.

The many options in artisanal products, that exist across price ranges, makes this an achievable goal for anyone. Be it furniture, decorative art, sculpture or accessories, you can find artisan products online on several websites that are committed to social consciousness and eclecticism.

At Baaya Design, each product has been curated as part of a unique sensibility. This makes the collections on baayadesign.com truly standout. On the website you will find more than just artisan products online, you will see an enviable and comprehensive collection of Indian art created by veritable masters, as well as witness the brand’s own design intervention in key crafts.

In the mass-maufactured market space that we occupy, handcrafted is a true luxury. The environmental impact is also minimal, which is why the motto “The Future is Handmade” has picked up speed. Moreover, artisan products carry an air of “authenticity”, across Indian, eclectic or minimal style palletes, various themes can be explored. Some of these are nature, geometry, mythology, history, human and organic. For example, name plates can be personalised in a geometric craft such as Sadeli, or an entire wall can be ornamented in vibrant Thikri work.

Or how about giving utterance to the spiritual side of you? In India, the spiritual dimension is enmeshed with daily life. Pichwai is a style of painting that has emerged from a spiritual tradition. The lotus and the cows are prominent spiritual symbols that the devotees hold dear. Even tribal styles such as Gond or Warli capture the spirituality of the tribes by reflecting their view of the cosmos.

The migration to the online space by several sellers has been a significant game-changer in this category. The fact that you can now find artisan products online has opened up a world of options for craft enthusiasts. Nimisha Kapil, a student of product design, says, “As compared to the scenario just a few years ago, customers are now spoilt for choice. While there are several websites selling artisan products online, I resonate with the design language and ethical standpoint of the Baaya brand.”

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