Copper Enamel Ocean Pearl Coral

Rs. 4,730.00

Size: 10 inch

10 inch
12 inch

Our collection of evocative sea-deep secrets is now out. The Marina is an immovable fact buried deep under and all around us. From the depths of the aquatic world, inspired by its unpredictable forms and textures, we've designed a range of copper enamelled products. These are fated to bring in the oceanic drift into your home. Copper enamel is a fast disappearing craft that requires an arduous amount of effort and a high level of skill for every single handcrafted plate. Baaya works with the last traditional copper enamelling family in India to renew what is a heritage craft. Hang the plates using the hook provided or it can also be placed on table top on a stand.

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10 inch, 12 inch