Tiny Canvas, Megha City

Rs. 70,500.00
This fun, contemporary piece is called "TINY CANVAS. MEGA CITY", was conceptualised and executed by Baaya Design's in-house Design Team.

This piece takes some of Mumbai's quirks and favourite icons, from the Irani Cafes, the Dabbawalas, the beloved Kali-Peeli taxis, Rajabai Towers and even the tetrapots to the double-decker buses and Bollywood, to generate a feeling of nostalgia and belonging all at once. The fusion of Pichwai and Mughal miniature elements interpreted as graffiti gives it a unique touch, resulting in a 100% fresh and original artwork. The art seamlessly fits into any contemporary modern Indian space imparting a little chaos, a little sparkle and a whole lot of quirk, which is Mumbai.